Investment into National Installation Solutions

Pleased to have advised our client on its recent investment in National Installation Solutions (NIS), complementing their other business interests in the retail marketing sector. NIS is a retail activation service specialising in custom solutions, including large-scale signage production and installation as well as the fabrication and supply of hardware and campaign roll outs for the retail industry. 

Christmas Time Thinking for Private Business Owners

As many business owners and C-suite executives take a well earned break over the holiday season, many may enjoy the time to reflect on the year just gone and on the year ahead.  Time away from the office can provide an important environment to consider important aspects of life which encompass family, work, friends and self.  Reviewing and reassessing these big ticket aspects of life is an important determinant of how the foundations of a private business direction is set up for the year(s) ahead.  Indeed, many of the discussions I've had of late with owners has started with broad ranging discussion not about revenue and profit, but more about where they are in life and how they see and interpret the macro environment in which they operate.  Only then do we tend to drill down into individual and corporate objectives, both near term and longer term. What these conversations continue to show is that each business is unique in its own way and each owner is unique, as an individual and in terms of their upbringing, aspirations, needs and the needs of those important to them.  Its only by understanding the individual and the unique characteristics of each business that we can help owners navigate the complexity around achieving their goals, whatever they may be.